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ISBN# (10) 1-59052-625-2 / (13) 978-1-59052-625-5
April 17, 2007
Multnomah Books, (A Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
400 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Kassandra has no mother, no place to go, and tries to find a meal whenever she has the opportunity. Even a bowl of hot soup is something she savors immensely. Living off the streets of New York City is a hard life after her mother walks out of her life.

Reverend Joseph Hartmann pulls Kassandra off the streets and provides her shelter, education and the opportunity to find the love of God. He even gives her a housekeeper, though at times Clara can be a bit cantankerous. He refers to Kassandra as his little Sparrow.

Over the past seven years, Kassandra has learned much staying in the home provided by Reverend Joseph. She has put up with Clara and her different ways, even having Clara come behind her to re-do some of her cleaning and chores. Though Kassandra has effortlessly taken great pride in all her detail of cleaning, Clara still finds a way to come behind her and find one speck of dust to wipe clean. Often she has seen Clara in the throws of anger, and it is not a pretty sight seeing the woman upset, and seeing her mass of unpredictable temper. Throughout it all Reverend Joseph tries to tell Kassandra to look at the beauty from within. He tries to teach her about the love of God, as well as how to fit in and survive, never forgetting where she came from. After Kassandra turns fifteen and meets Ben Connor, she is kissed and caressed for the first time, but being caught by Clara leaves a harsh impact on her, especially when Clara slashes her with verbal accusations. When Ben returns again promising another life for Kassandra, she packs her bags and goes out to California with him. However, she faces a far worse heartache than she ever felt growing up on the streets. After being scammed and humiliated, Kassandra is faced with a test of her faith and finds a way to keep herself within the bounds of God. She makes her life one of survival as she meets friends in faraway places, and tries her best to return to a home that showered her with a most fulfilling love.

Speak Through the Wind left me with tantalizing goose bumps and an energized feeling. Kassandra’s emotions can be felt from a young child starving on the street all the way to finding the one true love that was meant to be for a lifetime. This magnificent book is a story about faith and believing not only in God but oneself and having the trust to keep going on. Through strength, prayer and constant underlying love, Allison Pittman sketches a most poignant, extraordinary read that pierces the heart and leaves a sensational gust of emotion that impacts. Joseph is an outstanding character that shows that no matter if a Reverend, or not, he is truly capable of love. This is one rare read that left quite an impression with this reader.

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