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ISBN# Unavailable
May 2007
The Wild Rose Press
10 Pages
Sweetheart Rose
Rating: 5 cups

Megan Dempsey is a single mother who has been roped into going with her
twelve-year-old son, Cody, to an amusement park. While not her favorite place to be, she is willing to do it for her son.

Mitchell Carter is Cody's former teacher. He has come to the amusement park with his nephew instead of the fishing trip they were supposed to take. He is very happy to find Megan and Cody there as well.

When Megan drops mustard onto the tip of her breast, it is just one thing in a long line of many experiences where Murphy’s Law has played a role. Mortified when she cannot remove the mustard without outlining her nipple, she heads for the restroom hoping to remove the offensive yellow stain. She is mortified when she nearly runs into Mitchell whom she has secretly liked but felt that she could not date because he was Cody’s teacher. Only he is not Cody’s teacher now, and it looks like he may be interested in her too.

Spinning Wildly is a story that defines Murphy’s Law! Ms. Fredrix has a rare gift for taking the reader along with her so that you can hear the amusement rides, and smell the hot dogs, and feel exactly what the characters are feeling. Megan’s reaction to Mitchell, who has obviously assumed it is safe to let his interest be known now, is laugh out loud funny. I also enjoyed reading about Cody and his typical twelve-year-old reactions, especially when he points out the mustard on his mom’s t-shirt. The characters are well defined, as is the setting, making this story one to be savored. I highly recommend Spinning Wildly, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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