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ISBN# (10)0-06-176460-4/(13)978-0-06-176460-8(10)0-06-166241-0/(13)978-0-06-166241-6
February 2009
EOS (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
307 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Genevieve Scelan, Evie, gets along well riding her bike through traffic as a courier, but the minute she receives a phone call from someone she thought dead, her ride takes her to places she never wished to go.

Nate Hunter knows Evie from high school. Once they meet and hook up again, they share some time together. After Nate learns about her dangerous quest, he does not wish her to be alone and decides to lend a hand.

Evie never thought she would hear from Frank McDermot again. As far as she knew, the man was dead, and they were over. After the strange phone call, she goes to speak to the parents, who swear Frank is dead and blames Evie. Known as ‘Hound’ by Frank, Evie has a scent that can track anything; sometimes people the police have trouble locating. She must find out about Frank. It will mean she may have to cross over into the magical underground, a place she would rather avoid. Nate feels that Evie is in danger and wishes to help, but she would rather him stay away from the undercurrent. Will she have the strength to be able to combat the forces that lie ahead?

The suspense builds with every corner Evie takes in Spiral Hunt, and I like that. The story kept me glued. The writing is tightly done, with a multitude of characters that sweep the reader on their own spiral adventure. Evie is a powerful heroine who takes risk while still worrying about the safety of her friends. I thought the premise surrounding Evie and the way she can track individuals was neatly done. Margaret Roland sketches a detective like tale and mixes in some great elements that blend in to generate a read with some alluring features that kept this reader anxiously turning the pages.

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