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ISBN: Unavailable
June 15, 2008
Tease Publishing, LLC
Trade Paperback
351 pages
Rating: 2 cups

Derry is determined to get Suwannee back. His stubbornness is definitely helpful in this instance. He keeps going no matter what, and sometimes even when things look impossible. He knows in his heart that he is the only one to get rid of whatever is happening. Also, knowing that someone is holding the key to this whole mess, he needs to get it back.

Suwannee is still fighting for her life. She works on finding the strength within. Memories fill her head of the Spirit Mother’s history. She wishes this were over no matter what she was promised. She longs for Derry and prays he will be there soon.

Spirit Mother is calling for all her children near and far. Derry is trying to save his best friend and knows that it may not happen, but he has to try. He sees the oddest things in Hertley and realizes it is true that no one dies in the swamp. Not fully understanding all that is going on, he must find in his heart the will to go on. Help is on the way, but can he accept it? It may just be his only hope if he can make it back to the swamp in time.

Graphic does not even begin to describe this book. The idea behind the story is well thought out, but the execution lacked quite a bit. I liked the parts that were not gory and realized that horror books are not my thing, including this one. Ms. Steia has quite an inventive imagination. Yet, I think she took things too far. Often times I did not feel the detailed descriptions should be quite so detailed. I could have gotten the grasp of this story with simplicity. I always felt in the loop during the whole story even though this is the second in a series. I do hope that Derry can complete his very daunting task.

Caution: This title, while labeled horror, contains very graphic, over the top scenes of carnage.

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