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ISBN# 1-59414-658-8
February 2008
Five Star
107 Clearview Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445
275 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Ani Sharif is ready for her first undercover assignment for the United States Security Agency; well at least she hopes she is. Her first assignment is to infiltrate and get cozy with Baby Rex himself. Her expertise with men is definitely not her strong suit.

Richard Rexford is CEO of an internet security based company. He trusts no one including his own father whose business is the rival CompLine. Hiring a hacker to beat out the competition is not something he would ordinarily do, but Ani is definitely not ordinary.

Ani is a programming whiz and getting into is a piece of cake. However getting close to the boss proves a bit more difficult. She does not know how to be a femme fatale so she just wings it. The only problem is that Richard is sexy and smarter than she gives him credit for. Her heart and head are in a heated battle when it comes to dealing with Richard. He could be a traitor to his country, but he could also be the only man to ever really touch her heart. Richard is completely floored by Ani. She is both a wild child and the picture of innocence. He is taken aback by his feelings for her and the situation quickly gets out of hand. How can he ever trust someone whose very job is to deceive? Ani and Richard are in a race to find a traitor and a thief, but what will happen if what they find is each other?

Sue Swift sets the perfect scene for a thoroughly enjoyable spy story. Her characters are fun, entertaining, and very real. Ani is not much more than a kid, but she has both maturity and an innocence that is refreshing. Richard is a corporate tiger with the heart of a beach bum and it makes him so much more believable. They have some serious trust issues, but with determination and sheer will they could make a fantastic couple. This story has quick-witted dialogue and a fast paced story line that makes for a very entertaining read.

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