ISBN# 1-59279-414-9
August 2005
Amber Quill Press, LLC
104 Pages
Paranormal Erotica Novella

Rhea works as a biologist for Providian Pharmaceuticals, chosen to study the Yagana
plant in the Amazon rainforest. Once there, she is led by her mentor and friend, Dr. Jon
Spark and several bare chested natives from the Huitoto tribe to their village deep in the
forest. One of the men looked directly at Rhea and frankly appraised her; while Rhea
looked back with candid admiration for his good looks and muscular form. When she
mentioned the man to Jon, he claimed not to know who she was speaking of and, of
course, the man had disappeared.

The man was The Guardian of the Stairway to Heaven, and he had met his mate. She
just did not know it yet. After five hundred years, he yearned to exist among the living
wanted a wife and children.  Now, he could relinquish his responsibility to another
guardian. When he came to Rhea in her dreams and claimed her essence, he told her
he would be with her forever. Would he be able to convince her of their destiny?

Rhea and the Guardian embark on the road of discovery all in one night of passion.
Rhea, with her logical and independent mind, does not believe a word the Guardian
says but cannot resist his touches. The Guardian finds her resistance amusing and
knows with time and patience they will be together. Is it all a dream or is he telling the

Ms. Leigh has written a wonderful fantasy come true. The storyline is appropriate for the
genre, and I became caught up in the dream world of fantasy men myself. This is
definitely a keeper.

Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance