ISBN # 1-905393-26-1
January 2006
Linden Bay Romance
112 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Diane is tired of her present life. Her only child is in college and, though she loves her
husband as much as ever, she is tired of being so low on his list of priorities. When her
aunt becomes ill, she takes the opportunity to get away for a while, an opportune time
since her husband has managed to forget her birthday and their twentieth anniversary.

Burton is a successful attorney, obsessed with his career. He has a dominating and
controlling nature. When his wife does not return from a trip to her aunt’s, he questions
the way he has been living thus far. He is as in love with Diane as ever, but has been
taking her for granted far too long. He will do anything to get her back.

A couple still in love but with many problems, has an opportunity to start all over again.
They have to change the way they have been communicating for the last twenty years
but, if they are successful, will have a new chance at love.

The author has depicted the main characters very realistically. Diane is very likable, but
has become a doormat. An incident in their past caused her to insulate herself against
further hurt.  Her character grows up a great deal during the story and she finds her
spine.  Burton is very sure of himself and a bit of a bully. It is amazing that a man whose
career depends on reading the emotions of others could be so dense in his private life.
He learns that his way is not always the right way.  The supporting characters add a lot
of depth to the story. This is an excellent tale of a second chance at life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books