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ISBN# (10) 1-59279- 641-9/(13) 978-1-59279-641-0
November 2006
Amber Quill Press
59 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kelly is on a two-week ocean cruise. Her friends thought that it would cheer her up after her long-time married lover got yet another woman pregnant and married her. She feels that she has wasted five years of her life, but really is not ready to move on yet. Those distant islands look inviting.

Halen is the prince of his people. They, like their magic tree, are dying. There are only nine women left in the kingdom and none of them are fertile. To make matters worse, the Fangs are constantly on the attack and their situation is not much better than Halen’s people.

A magic spell brings a young woman to an island where the dearth of women capable of bearing children threatens their very existence. Though she had no choice in coming here, the young and handsome Prince Halen would very much like to convince her to stay.

Ms. Jordan hooked me from the first paragraph with this story. Kelly has made some bad choices over the last five years and is suffering for them now. She feels that she deserved what she got, but she loved Jared and was very hurt when he got another woman pregnant after stringing her along with excuses for five years. Her friends mean well, but a singles cruise to an exotic island is not what she wants right now. Halen is very honorable and angry about what his servants have done to Kelly. He wants her to want to stay with him, but not she has no alternative. He needs her even more than he needs her children. The love scenes in this book are very erotic, but the story is what held me throughout and I recommend this book highly.

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