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ISBN# Unavailable
October 2006/Re-Released October 2008
The Wild Rose Press
77 Pages
Fever: Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Afton Pendelton is an event planner hired to put together a grand opening for a ski resort. While she is very attracted to the resort’s owner, Gage Brennan, they are often at odds when it comes to the grand opening; Gage seems to be having trouble giving over complete control of the event to Afton.

Gage Brennan is a rich business executive who owns several interests besides the resort. While Afton may not know it, Gage loves the way she looks. Most of their arguments have more to do with the sexual sparks leaping between them than Gage not having confidence in her ability to do her job. He is still legally tied to an ex-wife who is after his money. This, along with the fact that he does not want her to be uncomfortable, ties his hands for a time.

When a blizzard hits the town, it changes everything, including the dynamics between Afton and Gage. The other employees and guests have all left, and Afton and Gage find themselves alone with little do except wait out the storm. All alone, these two come together and more than sparks fly. But will the sparks burn out after a while, or do they have something lasting?

Steamy Encounter starts off with a bang and just keeps on chugging right until the end; a truly fantastic erotic read. The sexual encounters between Gage and Afton are emotional, as well as explicit. Ms. Gentry does an excellent job of describing what it is like to be trapped in a building without power while a storm rages outside. This lends credibility, which in turn expands the realism of the story. I for one cannot wait for Ms. Gentry’s next installment!

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