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ISBN# 9781554871377
September 2008
Extasy Books
E Book
$ 5.99
302 pages
Romance, Paranormal, Western, Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Matlantian, Charissa of the House of Bleutonia and her twin brother Riciseon have been released from a 1000-year sentence in the Golden Chamber Of Silence. The twins have always been together side by side but with their return to earth and their ability to “push” emotions into humans; lives are about to go haywire. Charissa is in love and determined the human she has selected is her mate.

Travis Walker has experienced nothing but trouble since the first time he laid eyes on Charissa. He doesn’t understand why he hires a homeless stranger named Justin. His best stud will not do business with the sweet mare in heat, and he falls in love with the crazy “Horse Talker” Charissa. During a freak summer thunderstorm, the Malatian race is revealed; for Travis it does not matter. The only thing he cares about is his unconditional love for Charissa.

The Malantia Council of elders has decided the 1000-year sentence given to the twins should be enough. The council is testing them to see if they have learned their lesson. In order to retain their freedom Charissa and Riciseon must not only show they have learned their lesson, but they must also master the ability to handle those pesky human emotions. If Charissa is to remain with Travis she must learn to love and be loved without using her influential powers.

Beverly Rae created a world both on and off earth endears the reader to both. Charissa and Riciseon are spoiled children needing to be taught a lesson and this was the final test. The mischievousness and bond of the two, portrays the genuine love only siblings experience. Ms. Rae created Travis Walker as the epitome of man. He was a true hero in the end, willing to sacrifice himself for Charissa. The author has a knack for setting a scene and following through with an outstanding ending. This book is a very enjoyable and entertaining story by a magician of the written word.

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