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February 1st 2009
The Dark Castle Lords Publishing
25 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Alice Morrissey is fed up. She can no longer turn her back and ignore her husband’s indiscretions with other woman. She wants a divorce.

Liam Morrissey knows that he has done wrong by his wife. But he still loves her and does not wish to lose her.

With arguing and fighting being all they seem to be good at lately, Alice and Liam decide to meet one last time. In their special place they have a picnic, where unknown to them, some pesky fairies and Cupid have decided that these two are in desperate need for some of Cupids special brand of love. So as Alice and Liam try to settle things between them, the fairies and Cupid execute their plan for the two lovers.

Stupid Cupid is a cute little story about love and its ability to conquer all. This is a nice story that ends on a high note. The characters in this story are a nice blend of real and magical. The story needed a little more information to some of the back story for the reader to really understand why the fairies were willing to help the lovers. This would make a nice story to read during Valentine’s Day.

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