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Suite Magazine
E-book magazine
1-month $4/ 3-month $8/ 6-month $12
Approx. 150 Pages

SUITE Magazine is not your ordinary magazine; in fact it is extraordinary. It is stuffed
with everything that a reader looks for and more and at such an affordable price. It is like
an enormous shopping bag that continues to deliver. With the contents delivering a wide
selection of warm blooded males that will most definitely have the reader coming back
for more, SUITE Magazine delivers recipes, information on the latest products, current
events, some steamy stories, great articles, and even some excerpts from stories by
your favorite authors.

As soon as I started searching I was enthralled. The articles were extremely well written
and I enjoyed everything. The layout is spectacular and with each click I found myself
discovering so much more. “This ‘n That” by Delinda Jasper was an article I enjoyed. I
have to thank Kenna Fallon for a recipe that I had been searching for and the one by
Jaden Sinclair I have yet to try. I do not quite know what it was but the male model with
the water bottle continued to catch my eye. This magazine offers a huge selection of
articles that one should not miss.

I absolutely loved the remarkable magazine but one little dilemma that I faced was what
to click first. Oh, yes, trust me, this is THE one magazine that really delivers. SUITE
Magazine stole my heart and had me wanting more. I am not much on reading through a
magazine but this one drew me in like a magnet.

Tamara McHatton, the Executive Editor, knows how to reach the reader. Ms. McHatton
cleverly provides a generous amount of features that expands to every reader. This was
one magazine that I could not put down and that is why I give it a 5-cup rating. It is
loaded in style and thoroughly enjoyable beyond words.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance