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ISBN#: 978-1-84799-544-5
February 2008
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
Trade Paperback
363 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Lou is the daughter of a publican and the local beauty. For all the attention she gets from the local boys, she only has eyes for one man, Andrew McDonald, who is married to the daughter of the family who owns most of the village.

Andrew is a teacher and married to the frigid Briggy. He loves her and considers her his soul mate but he is attracted to the teenaged Lou.

The village of Summerset is dominated by the Sheridan family. They own the local brewery and most of the village including the pub that Lou's father runs. The middle daughter Briggy is an accountant married to a teacher. The couple befriends Lou and encourages her dreams of becoming a writer. Lou and Andrew fall in love causing long range complications. Years later Lou, a successful and wealthy writer finds out a family secret and seeks revenge.

This story covers a span of many years and focuses on Lou. In the beginning she is a young girl uprooted from her life in London and moved to the country. She quickly becomes at home and builds a new life and has a crush on the local school teacher. The relationship between Andrew and his wife is very strange, I wondered why she bothered to get married at all. Andrew's lust for a young teenage girl is not what anyone would want from the local teacher. The plot is like a soap opera full of drama and unlikely situations, but the characters are vivid and their plights are involving. The author is very descriptive, though I wondered why Lou was thought to be so beautiful when her 'meaty thighs' are mentioned so often, especially when the same is used to describe Ben's. I got involved in the story and could not wait to find out what comes next right up to the end of Lou's story and her life.

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