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ISBN#: Unavailable
July 2007
Drollerie Press
Price of Book
74 Pages
Romantic fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

She is Chanda the White. Dreams and memories of long ago torment her, before the curse took her life. When she senses another warrior trying to brave her domain, she seeks to destroy him. No one has been able to conquer her until him.

He is Jalan tal'Krait, the last Krait dra'gwar. Jalan knows Chanda is the only one that can help save the few remaining Krait. Her love may never belong to him, but he will do anything to satisfy her needs.

The Kraits were once a mighty clan but now they are few and Jalan must find a way to help the ones remaining. His only hope is the White Dragon. When he tastes her blood, he connects to her inner thoughts and what is inside her heart. During their battle, he is surprised a White Dragon no longer stands over him, but a beautiful woman. Jalan cannot lose the connection or sight of her, as he fights back. Chanda is proud, lovely and fierce, everything he longs for in a mate. She ate all the others and even though Jalan knows her cursed secret, she can still be dangerous. Trapped as a dragon for centuries, they must find a way to survive the fire, to have any hope for the land of Keldar.

Survive the Fire is a spectacular ride into a world that comes alive. The picturesque view of the whole land, as well as the description of Chanda, is cleverly created. Even though there are numerous scenes of brutal attacks, Chanda’s tormented trapped life reaches to the heart of the reader. Joely Sue Burkhart depicts a romantic fantasy that is skillfully crafted with some heartrending moments. I was not only intrigued by this tale but held spellbound.

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