ISBN # 1-55873-436-6
August 2004
Rennaisance E Books
222 pages
Sizzler - Romance

This book is a compilation of works by author Randall Lang. The volume includes short
stories with a variety of themes and characters. “For Love of Charlotte” is written in the
first person point of view and contains the thoughts of a man obsessed with a former
lover. “Car Sex” is about a long married couple and how they use a classic car to put
some excitement back into their marriage. “Jessie's Threesome” is the story of a young
woman who takes two lovers at once in her quest for pleasure. In “Roy,” a bored woman
accompanying her husband on a business trip finds more than she bargained for when
she books a massage while waiting for her spouse. “On the Night Bus” is the story of a
jilted woman who attempts to deal with the evidence of her lover's infidelity. “Fertility
Cocktail” is about a group of women and how they spend their nights out with the girls.
“Special Treatments” is the story of a teacher and her relationship with a student. “In Our
First Encounter,” we meet two couples who celebrate the swinging lifestyle, which they

The characters are nicely described with interesting personalities. The different
situations detailed in the various stories evoke a wide variety of emotions and images
in the reader's mind. In one moment, I felt sadness at the despair of a man reliving his
love through his dreams. In the next, I felt joy at the rediscovery of sensuality between a
couple who had lost the spark of desire between them and were lucky enough to find it
again. The sex scenes are so erotic and steamy, they left me breathless. The settings
of the various tales are well detailed and appropriate to the storylines.

Mr. Lang is a talented author who has penned a very creative collection of erotic stories
that I greatly enjoyed. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotica in a variety
of settings. Sweet Nothings 2 is most definitely a keeper!

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance