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ISBN# (10) 0-446-69761-3 and (13) 978-0-446-69761-3
September 26, 2006
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
Trade Paperback
$18.99 U.S./$24.99 Canada
320 Pages
Health & Beauty/Health & Fitness
Rating: 5 Cups

Sometimes things change in a person’s body that is hard to diagnose. A person could go from waking one morning feeling fit as a fiddle, to experiencing a drawback the next day. Oftentimes a trip to a doctor can prove too not necessary be satisfactory either, unless the right finding is revealed. Many doctors will analyze the problem the best they can, then send the patient home with a prescription. The same can be said for any bipolar disorder. As small as our brain is, it can often be difficult to detect certain illnesses that trigger in our body and set things off.

Mood disorders are often hard to detect when it comes to running test after test. Even then things that trigger the situation must be met and checked on until the proper conclusion can be drawn as to where the real source of the problem lies. Once an examination reveals bipolar, there are steps that can manage the onset of the problem. Even though a doctor prescribes medicine, the emotions can often become unmanageable, which lends to extras in helping the disorder. A good diet, daily supplements, and even some exercise can sometimes make the ailment more stable.

Those with bipolar will tell you that living with it is never easy. It can practically consume the whole vigor from a person, making them feel useless. Still there is the constant regimen of eating right, sleeping well, and how to incorporate something that is so bearing on one’s body into one’s life. This wonderful book teaches how to understand bipolar disorders and what causes them. Also how to find a good doctor and work with them until the right medications are achieved. The next step is the proper diet and exercise plan to follow so one can help look for the mood swings before they get out of hand.

Taking Charge of Bipolar Disorder is a book that will enlighten on certain facts when it comes to this disease. The four-step plan is beneficial to helping those reclaim their life. Julia A. Fast was told she had bipolar disorder when she was only thirty-one. After undergoing many different challenges in her life, through this book, she offers ways that helped her ease the way to manage not only her illness, but her daily lifestyle. With the help of a specialist, John Preston PsyD, Julie is able to combine tools to aid with life’s changes. The steps in this book contribute to behavior modification, prescriptions, and supplements helping people with this illness. Even if a person is not bipolar, this book is an educational step toward understanding those that have the disorder, no matter who they might be. It carries great information for those who need to get a control of their life and begin living again. A rare read that deserves a 5-cup rating with all the valuable information to take control of your life while living with bipolar disorder.

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