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ISBN# 978-1-897445-02-0
January 2008
Champagne Books
121 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Malaina Williamson is an English professor at a local college. Her life is orderly, serene, and oh so boring! She is tired of always being the good little girl everyone expects her to be. It is time to be who she wants to be.

Jack Mitchell once a pro-football player is now a reclusive author. He left the limelight of pro sports, and took up a life of almost complete solitude. The quiet and anonymity suit him just fine, until one fateful afternoon.

Malaina is ready to shake things up a bit, and what better way to do it than to give up her teaching job and open a bookstore. She never dreamed that scouting out an old dance hall would turn her life upside down. After coming to her rescue, her knight in shining armor turns out to be a bit tarnished. Jack is surly and rude, but definitely easy on the eyes. Malaina is drawn to him in a way unlike anything she has ever known. Jack does not want or need a complication like Malaina in his life. His writing is his only existence until she comes along. In one day she invades his life and his mind, and there is no going back. But if he cannot trust her to keep his secret, is there any hope for a future together?

This story is full of emotion and tender romance. Malaina’s character is up-front, honest, and very outspoken. Which tends to get her into a good deal of trouble. Jack is definitely the brooding, strong, silent type. They are such a contrast of characters that they make the story immensely entertaining. I personally wanted to shake Malaina more than once, but that is what really makes it exciting. Ms. Willis draws you into her character’s lives, and you will feel right along with them. A wonderful read that any romance lover will enjoy.

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