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ISBN: 879-0-373-29498-5
May 28, 2008
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
288 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Annis of Biroswald had come to Lindisfarne to seek her uncle’s help. Yet it had not done any good at all for her. She has to figure out what to do before her betrothed shows up. She knows that there has to be more as well as she misses her husband who died. Help is on its way but not exactly what she has in mind.

Hakkon Harldson was following a promise made. Yet he did not want to leave his land. His stepmother Guthrun had a plan set in motion but Hakkon had no idea what it was. Setting out to get what was promised to him keeps him going as well as knowing the other Jarls are supporting him. He has to stay as alert as possible. This next trip was not going to be much help with that.

Being peaceful and out of the way makes Annis happy even though her uncle thinks she should become a nun. She just cannot see her life ending that way. Watching the whole battle between the monks and the Vikings is terrifying. Annis is furious when she is captured. She gets infuriated even more when Hakkon kisses her with such passion that she is left weak in the knees. She just hopes her family will send the ransom to free her. Hakkon cannot believe the emotions stirred in him every time his eyes wander in Annis’ direction. No one else has been able to do this before, which only makes him want her more. But can he get her to agree to be more than just a captive?

Very seldom do I come across a book that affects me as much as this one did. Ms. Styles delves into emotions of both main characters so that I felt like I knew them inside and out. The fact that I have Scandinavian heritage only made this book more appealing. I was also very impressed with how realistic everything came across, which is not an easy task. I applaud Ms. Styles for telling a story that enchants and tugs at your heart. This is an author who truly knows how to write. The book only got better and at no point did I feel disappointed or let down. History and passion mixed together is a combination that makes this particular story one that will not leave me for a while.

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