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April 2007
Moonlit Romance
P.O. Box 893 Brinkley, AR 72021
E book/Trade Paperback
$4.00 /$13.15
176 Pages
Hard R
Rating: 4 Cups

Anya Fraser’s life is now all about her son and helping others. She is in a job as a Practice Nurse in which she tries to help women who are trying to have children. She does not want others to go through the heartache she felt dealing with infertility problems. That is how she became a single adoptive parent. Her son is her world and she wants to protect him always, even if that means sacrificing things like love.

Dr. Max Caulder is the hunky new doctor. Everyone is oohing and awing over him except Anya(at least she does not show it), and he wants her to. He was smitten from the very first time he saw her years back. Now he knows he needs to tell her why he is the way he is, and hopefully she will respond by believing they should be together.

Working together is very stressful for Anya and Max. The chemistry they have is a force to be reckoned with. Moving through the past and fighting her demons is something Anya must do in order to move to a better future for her and her son. But will a few twists change the outcome for this steamy couple?

Taking the Leap is a great story. It addresses many issues that both women and men must deal with in order to maintain a healthy heart and soul. Some humor is peppered throughout the story, rounding out the smooth flowing plot to a complete, enjoyable read. I found Max to be worth swooning over and Anya a strong woman. They were a couple just meant to be. Take the time to stop and read this book. You will not be sorry you did.

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