Jewels Of the Quill Anthology Vol. One
ISBN: 1-59374-373-4/1-59374-372-6
September 2005
Whiskey Creek Press
Whiskey Creek Press P.O. Box 51502 Casper WY. 82605-1052
E-Book/Trade Paperback
226 pages
Western Romance/Vampire/Paranormal/Angels/Contemporary

Tales From the Treasure Trove is anthology full of various types of romances from
Vampires, Westerns, Contemporaries, to Angels and Paranormals. Each story is an
exciting journey of some kind into romance and life.

Jaded by Barbara Raffin

Hannah Calder is stuck in a small town living in a boarding house. Skeptical about love,
she is nervous when Jake Griffin takes her home one rainy day. But the Legend of Emily
had Jake and Hannah getting closer to each other as well as the truth. Jaded is a spine
tingling romance to be sure.

Sex With The Man In The Moon by Christine DeSmet

Claire Mickelson spends a snowy night with burglar, Jack Eberhardt. Although Jack is
charming and sexy, Claire is still afraid until the next morning.  After a parting gift, Claire
learns there is more to Jack, and she is going to find out what. This is a sexy romance
that will leave you smiling.

A Ruby Kiss by Jaye Roycraft

Alena Grace is joined in a scavenger hunt with one of the radio station’s bad boys, Ray
McClay. But as Alena and Ray go through the hunt, Alena learns more about Ray. In the
end, Alena thinks she is the winner. A Ruby Kiss is a fun adventure with a game, and
romance is the prize.

The Amethyst Angel by Karen Wiesner

Elena Lopez is a doctor working with children with terminal illnesses. One boy is
showing her the way to love if she would just take it. Pablo Delgado has always loved
Elena, but has never told her. Now there is someone else. Has their love been lost
forever?  Ms. Wiesner has written a very emotional and heartfelt love story that will have
you in tears.

Peridot Moon by Julie Skerven

Tabitha King is looking for Laurent Fox, who she is suppose to fire. She and Laurent
had an affair a couple of years ago. She is deep in the mines when she finds him,  She
realizes that not only is there someone trying to poach the mines, but that someone in
the main office is behind it. Can she and Laurent get out of these mines before the
poachers kill them?  Peridot Moon is an adventurous futuristic romance that takes you
deep underground for some espionage and romance.

Diamond Magee by Sherry Derr Willie

Diamond Magee is a lonely widow who just moved to Wisconsin from California. She
needs something to occupy her time. Mel Larson owns a Christmas shop that is only
open during the holiday season. So when Diamond suggests to open it year round, Mel
has his doubts. Mel has been hurt by a divorce so trust is hard for him, but with Diamond
he seems to be getting better at it every day. This is a story where two middle-aged
people come together, and both learn a different lesson in love.

Emerald by Debbie Fritter

Emerald Braun entered a big country singing talent show. There are three finalists left
now, Emerald, Utah Sheridan, and another singer. Utah Sheridan is a rich boy who has
been hurt and turned cold. When the it comes down to the finals, will Utah do anything to
be the winner of this contest?  Emerald is a tale of one man who gets his friend back
and a woman who finds her hopes and dreams.

The Topaz Locket by Carrie S. Masek

Will Conner comes across a locket with a picture of a beautiful woman inside.  After
taking it home, starts seeing her in his dreams. When he finds out she is Grace Topaz,
he also discovers that she is in the hospital in a coma after an attack. Will he ever get a
chance to tell her he loves her?  Ms. Masek creates a tale of a mystical love reaching
out to two people.

The Best Kind of Opals by Alice Blue

Three young brothers head out to Utah in search of the stone opal for their jewelry store,
never dreaming they will find the best kind of opals.  The Best Kind of Opals is a
western romance, which is a jewel of a tale.

The Bloodstone Cure by Cassie Walder

Melissa Drake is working two jobs and going to school. For a long time, she has lived
with dreams she does not understand. When she meets Jason Green, she sees
something in him she recognizes; but she is not sure what it is. But when she learns she
is the same as Jason, she knows where she belongs. Two souls who were destined to
meet, even though they live in different worlds.

Garnet Light by Liz Hunter

Miriam Hubbard went into a shop looking for a costume for the coming Masked Ball.  
She not only finds a costume but also a beautiful garnet necklace. She never realizes it
will bring her love. Garnet light is a true case of love finding its way.

The Turquoise Mask by Jane Toombs

When Jamie Lowell’s father is murdered, she finds out it is for a turquoise mask.
Jamie's father left her a clue where the mask is. Zach Tregarth wants the turquoise
mask put back where it belongs. Both realize to get it back to the rightful place, they
could be killed. In The Turquoise Mask an ancient mask brings two people together for
adventure and love.

Tales From The Treasure Trove is full of all kinds of mysteries and romance and just
about any kind of adventure you can think of. The characters are well written with
interesting histories. This book is a fun read with each unique story being a jewel.

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 Jewels Of the Quill Anthology Vol. One