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ISBN# 9781419909801
October 2007
Cerridwen Press
169 Pages
Paranormal Romance collection
Rating: 4 Cups

In the Midst of Wolves

Charlene Hood is going home to take care of her grandmother and the family hunting lodge during Grandma’s recovery from eye surgery. She does not realize that the hunk sitting next to her on the plane is the big bad wolf.

Nick Hunter is a man without a past since the werewolf attack. He must kill his attacker to regain his memory and his humanity.

A newly changed werewolf in search of his attacker finds what he seeks at the Hood’s hunting lodge in upstate New York. Hopefully, he will end the alpha wolf’s reign of terror before any one else is hurt.

This is a great take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood, but in this case the friendly Hunter is also a Big Bad Wolf. The characters are great from the feisty Grandma Hood to Charlene/Red Hood. Nick is a particularly sexy character who makes a great hero.

Little Garden of the Moon

Della Rouge has just brought her infant daughter home from the hospital to die. She is desperate and will do anything to save her.

Emily Ann Rouge grows up isolated with only two friends, Ben from the big house up the hill and the Moon. Now that she is grown up she must choose between them.

A desperate mother asks the Moon Goddess to save her daughter, but as the child grows, she is terrified that the deity who saved Emily will take her away forever.

Emily is cocooned and isolated by her mother’s fears. Della blames every misfortune on her bargain during the blue moon. Della is a sad character isolating herself and her daughter to save her from something that is entirely Emily’s choice.

Roger is half vampire and half mortal. He has most of a normal vampire’s powers and feels caught between the two worlds. However, he can be a vampire king online.

Fyre knows that the man who calls himself Brakos the vampire king is her soul mate. But she must breach the walls that he has built to protect himself.

A vampire and a gypsy meet in a chat room and fall in love. They have an opportunity to meet, but will the real Roger and Susan live up to their images as Brakos and Fyre.

This is a vampire love story for the computer age. Roger is afraid to fall in love; sure that he is not vampire enough for another vampire. He worries that he will fall in love with a mortal woman only to lose her like he lost his mother. Fortunately Fyre is made of sterner stuff, willing to take a risk and travel across country to meet him. There is also a very interesting twist to the end of the story.

This is a wonderful collection of paranormal love stories. All three stories have a happy ending which I love. This author’s characters are warm and attractive and I highly recommend this collection of stories. If you love werewolves, goddesses and vampires in love, look no further.

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