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ISBN#: 0-446-61787-3
June 2008
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Mass Market Paperback
400 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Heather Montgomery is the sane one in her family. She is a CPA; quiet, and not obviously beautiful like her cousin, Regina. She wishes she did not have to be a bridesmaid for her, hideous dress and all.

Tony McCaffrey is about to realize his dream of owning his own business, a local sports bar. When the friend who was about to lend him the money had to pull out of the deal, he needs a miracle.

A bridesmaid trip to Las Vegas is not what Heather wants to do with her weekend, but family is family. She is surprised to run into Tony at her hotel and agrees to help him win the money he needs to buy his bar. Against all the odds, they do win enough money and celebrate accordingly, too much since the pair end up married and have to stay that way for a month to appease Heather’s crazy family and ex-cop father.

This book was fun from the first page to the last, with a very good love story as a bonus. Heather is the last person anyone expects Tony to marry. Her cousin Regina is more his type; blonde, beautiful, and stacked. Short, plain, and curvy is not his usual, but he finds that he really needs Heather in his life, and not just to get his business off the ground. He teaches Heather to have fun; fuzzy purple handcuffs, dirty fairy tales and all. The other characters are also well done. Regina is the perfect nasty cousin; pretty, but mean, and her mother is an older version of the same. Heather’s parents are great, her father is quietly scary, but he defers to his crazy but lovable wife. I was rooting for this unlikely couple to make a go of it, somehow they just fit.

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