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ISBN#: 9781600543395
March 2009
Love You Divine
15 Pages
Lesbian Lit/BDSM
Rating: 5 Cups

Bryana Austin needs to be rescued in more than one way when she runs into the unknown in a fit of anger. After witnessing her lover’s infidelity, she never thought she would find another mistress, especially not so soon.

Cassie Stuart has been looking for the perfect submissive since she lost her last lover. She never expected she would find one wandering around lost in the woods.

Cassie and Bryana may have just found in each other the one person who can meet their needs. Bryana is amazed by Cassie’s home and specifically by her play room. Cassie is intrigued by Bryana’s reaction when she finds the room. Playing together will either make or break them as mistress and submissive.

The relationship between these two women develops quickly but with amazing talent, Dalia Craig uses few words to convey so much emotion. Bryana and Cassie are two strong characters that need what the other can provide, and it is a stroke of luck they find each other. It is a hot read that shows that love can be born from the ashes of one’s misery.

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