ISBN 0-9768994-0-X
September 2005
Hand-in-Hand Publishing
193 Hemlock St, Swoyersville, PA 18704
260 Pages
Contemporary, Women's Fiction

Megan Moseley is a forty-four-year-old divorced, single woman with a college-aged
daughter. Even with her daughter, Hayley, and her Mamma, she feels as if her life
misses something.  If she listens to her mother, she might end up with just any man, but
Megan does not wish to be that devoted daughter.  She wants a relationship and to
discover love, perhaps some passion in her life. When she encounters a thirty-year-old
man she met online, she feels a bond toward him.  Can she get past her mother’s
exasperating ways and have a lasting relationship with Brent?

When Brent meets Megan online, he never imagines that he would start a business
arrangement with her. After she hires him to design a website, they soon begin a closer
relationship. Is this something he feels strongly about? Or just a passing fancy?

Teeth in a Pickle Jar is a good chic-lit read that is fast-paced and riveting with all the
right elements to make it satisfying. This reader found some tears along with
tremendous chuckles. The characters appeared real as if the author had enlisted some
of her own facets into the story. I enjoyed that Megan was in her forties and not a model
figure, yet she was able to connect with a younger man, thus making this a very
pleasurable read.

Ms. Milligan writes a book that is down to earth and at times, melts the heart. She
includes wit, and great dialogue making it hard to put the book down. She has cleverly
constructed characters that are well rounded and very realistic in everyday life. Ms.
Milligan spins a tale that has you wishing for more. This is a book that I highly
recommend to everyone, if only to read the character of Mamma. If you like movies like
‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ then this book is for you.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance