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ISBN#: (10)1440485240
December 1, 2008
Create Space / Previously released by Heartsonfirebooks
294 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

A month-long computer job in Dallas turns into a living nightmare for Jeff Prince. For two years he cooled his heels in prison while a killer went free; now it is up to him to clear his name and his reputation.

Detective Olin Miller is nearing retirement, but as that time draws near, the deadlier his job becomes. Agreeing to help Prince is opening a can of worms that has burrowed deep into the heart of Dallas.

The last two years only made Jeff more determined than ever to have his record expunged. His amateur investigation led him to the desk of Olin Miller, and he could not be more thrilled. They quickly become a thorn in the side for the biggest crime syndicate to ever hit Dallas. The deeper they dig, the deadlier it gets for everyone involved, and Jeff is torn between wanting his reputation restored and the safety of those he cares about.

To me this story is sort of a backward analogy. It is much like a book that you really enjoy, but when it is made into a movie, it loses something in the transition. The plot itself is well executed, with a gradual building of suspense and danger. However the characters and dialogue feel out of time and out of touch with modern-day life.

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