ISBN: # 0373895291
August 1, 2005
Red Dress Ink
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
314 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Chic-Lit

Sheri Diamond, a nice Jewish girl from New York, is dating Kevin, a Jewish boy,
something that her mother and aunt would approve of. While attending a conference in
Chicago; she sleeps with a Kit, a Brit, but not a Jew. They share the same interest.
When Sheri decides to visit England, Kevin arrives carrying a ring. Sheri is faced with
too many decisions over Kit and Kevin. What is a girl to do?

Kit Brown is in Chicago at a conference on Volupuk when he encounters Sheri. She,
too, enjoys learning about the dead language. She loves everything about the British so
why not visit him in York, England? What better way to familiarize oneself with a Brit?
Can he persuade her to stay in a land of tea and crumpets or will her old flame, Kevin,
be able to lure her back home?

The Anglophile is an enjoyable novel especially if you love things that pertain to the
British or those similar to Bridget Jones’s Diary. There is a bit of humor throughout the
book, even though there are some issues that need to be resolved with the characters. I
enjoyed the way Ms. Shapiro wrote each of the characters. There were some issues in
Sheri’s life that she had to deal with concerning her family. When Sheri had to decide if
she really loved Kit or if it was just a passing fantasy was a delightful read.

Ms. Shapiro has composed an enchanting story that will not only charm the mind, but
also warm the heart in many ways. This is a cute, chic book between the rivalry of an
American and a Brit for the love of one woman. It has a thought provoking story line that
is certain to fascinate the reader.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance