ISBN# 0-7582-0445-0
January 2004
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Ave., New York, NY  10022
Trade Paperback
319 Pages
Historical Romance

Marie Laure, a serving maid in Viscomte Joseph’s father’s home, is a bookseller’s
daughter who dreams of having her own bookstore. Called upon to serve Viscomte
Joseph, she is shocked to see that he is really the man who came so often to her
father's bookstore with smuggled books years before.   

Viscomte Joseph lived a secret life for years, causing years of exile. Now back among
his family, he pretends he does not know Marie Laure when they meet, to avoid his
secret becoming known. He is sorry it must be this way as they share a great love of

When Joseph’s father takes a fancy to Marie Laure, Joseph realizes he must protect
her. He has his valet bring her to his quarters each night to talk or read. All assume they
are having an affair. Indeed, they eventually begin an intense passionate affair that lasts
until duty calls and Joseph is forced into marriage. Marie Laure refuses to be his
mistress, a kept woman, but agrees to be his lover. Before they can meet in Paris as
arranged, Joseph is accused of a crime and thrown into jail, unable to notify Marie
Laure, whose life has now been threatened. Will Joseph be able to prove his
innocence?  Will Marie Laure be able to share some exciting news with Joseph? Will
they be able to love again?

Ms Rosenthal has written a wonderful book rich in history. You will visit famous places
and meet people such as Benjamin Franklin in a time rich with dukes and duchesses
and see how aristocrats' lives can occasionally intertwine with common servants.
Having a title does not mean a thing without the one you love.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Books
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books