ISBN: 0-373-06533-7
January 2006
Silhouette Books, Harlequin Books
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
Price: $ 4.25
184 Pages
Tender Romance/Medical

Toby Barker is a consultant who carries a secret. He has been in love with Saskia for
the longest time, but every time he tries to get to first base with her, something steers
him into another path. When he finally is able to confess his feelings to her, can he make
her see that their love is one that can withstand any obstacle?

Dr. Saskia Haywood has a crippling illness that eats at her daily. She worries she will
not be able to function as a doctor since she uses her hands. The thought of marrying
and having children frightens her and she refuses to share her pain with anyone else. It
is something she must deal with alone, not wishing to burden anyone with her condition.

Saskia has always felt that her parents did not care for her with all their work ethics. She
is a very independent person and when she and Toby share their love for each other,
she knows it is a mistake. They can never be together. He wants children but with her
rheumatoid arthritis she realizes she is not the right person for him. Toby believes that
he and Saskia can have it all. They can work through anything that falls in their lap. He
does not want to lose the only woman he loves. Now they must face challenges that
could cost them each other.

The Consultant's Christmas Proposal is a rare find about an extraordinary love that
shines. Ms. Hardy reaches out and touches the reader in many ways in this incredible
story that melts the heart. Saskia is a strong character with great courage. She and
Toby are a remarkable couple not afraid to face challenges and that is why I give this
book a 5.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books