ISBN: 1-4199-0181-8
June 2005
Cerridwen Press
160 Pages
Paranormal /Vampire Romance

Chancella Tremaine, a cellular biologist, has sacrificed her personal life so she can
unravel the mystery of vampirism. She would like to find the secret to restoring mortal
life. After penning a book on the subject, she soon attracts much attention. Unfortunately,
she had no idea the attention would cause such a controversy, not to mention what
unsuspecting occurrences lurk in the shadows. When a handsome vampire offers his
services, she soon agrees to work with him.

Valian de Mortenoire is a world-weary vampire. For two hundred years he has been
very disillusioned with his overrated immortality as he puts one undead foot in front of
the other trying to be released from an empty existence. After hearing of Chancella's
work, he eagerly offers to be an inhuman specimen to aid her in a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to test her hypothesis. Even though he frightens her at first, she soon agrees
too work closely with him. But with a vengeful age-old enemy haunting him, will Valian be
able to save Chancella from his enemy's dark interest?

Ms. Phelan writes with much emotion and feeling. She writes as if you are right there in
the scene when they are paralyzed with fear. You want to reach out and help in any way
that you can. Her words captivate not only the heart but also the soul of the reader, as
the love of the two characters seems to burn the pages. She is a gifted writer.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance