ISBN: 1-59836-064-7
July 2005
Venus Press
50 Pages

Being a vampire of the undead, Sabrina feels she can free the world of criminals. When
suddenly a tall, dark, and handsome man enters her life; she knows he will quench her
sexual appetite. After she intercepts a card from him saying, “I know what your are and
what you are doing. We can help each other. Contact me…Matt Gordon,” she accepts
his offer. She has no idea that her feelings for him will turn to more than lust.

Detective Matt Gordon has a duty to find out who is killing criminals. When a sexy
vampire enters his life, he makes a deal with her. He needs to stop the killer; and with
her help, he feels that is possible. He has no idea that once they get together, the heat
will rise.

When Sabrina said, "I am vengeance. I am your death,” when she attacked the
ringleader, Dominic, she meant business. This was a fascinating part because she
wanted to save Matt and this was her only way. It demonstrated that even though she
was part of the undead, she had a desire to save Matt.

This was a very good story. It was a thrilling on the edge of your seat enjoyment mixed
with a lot of heated passion. As Sabrina devours every inch of Matt’s body with her
tongue and hand, the heat sizzles more than the month of August. The contents are so
hot you can almost see the steam rising from the rooftop. Jude Mason has a way of
telling a story that keeps you mesmerized to the end of the book.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance