ISBN: 0-7783-2215-7
January 1, 2006
Mira Books
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario Canada  M3B 3K9
$6.99 U.S. /$8.50 Canada
379 pages

Morgan Snow is a sex therapist who has the compelling task of tackling the dark side of
human nature. Being at the top of the list as New York’s top sex therapist, the members
of the Scarlet Society quickly enlist her aid after they feel they have been violated. One
of the men they recruited is missing and a photo of his lifeless body has been sent to the
police. Frantic with worry, she is their only hope. Once again Morgan finds herself as a
crime solver. To make matters worse her casual lover, Detective Jordain, insists she
has information needed for his investigation. Morgan is faced with her own fatal danger
as well as trying to protect her daughter when her inner instincts give her warning.

Detective Noah Jordain and the police department are desperate. After receiving
information involving missing dead men, he turns to Morgan for help. He cares for her
but she guards her feelings. He needs information about the Scarlet Society and their
sexual group of dominators. It is great that she can aid the Society with their grieving
process but without her help, the case cannot be solved. Can he break through that
doctor-patient confidentially clause before another murder happens?

Morgan and Jordain cross paths in a fast moving spinning web as she tries to fight her
feelings for him. When he asks for her assistance after a series of murders take shape,
she cannot divulge the confidentially of her patients. Now she must face her growing
attraction toward Jordain as she fights her patient-doctor confidentially while danger
lurks around the corner. He cannot afford to have another man murdered.

The Delilah Complex is beyond intriguing. With a great plotline, this roller coaster book
takes the reader on so many twists and turns making this a complete page-turner, with
just a bit of erotic sizzle that roars. M.J. Rose writes with such bravado and candor that
makes this book an exceptional riveting read, blending in all the elements with highly
ignited tension that I give it a 5 cup rating.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance