ISBN 1-58873-818-3
December 2005
Renaissance E Books publication
174 Pages
Science Fiction Fantasy

It is the 25th century and Steven Germaine, a modern astronaut, has just been sent to
the Earth Colony due to a space accident. It is there that the galaxy spurs him into an
adventure filled with intrigue. Vincent Cardwell, a tycoon, who throws him in the undertow
of a revolution, rescues Germaine. Cardwell enlists the help of Anne to train Germaine
in some areas, but never expects Germaine to fall for Anne.

Anne Cardwell is a mutant that Vincent employs as a game play with Germaine as the
pawn in a political venture. Anne’s brother Paul is very powerful and with a threat of
blackmail over her head, Paul turns to Vincent - who only demands he be given

Germaine survived the meteor explosion only to find himself in the company of an
austere man. Germaine wishes to return to Earth but Cardwell has other plans. He
sends Anne to learn valuable information about the Earthman. Neither knew the other
would invoke strong feelings toward the other, the whole time Anne was a diversion to
get what the evil Cardwell needed for his own personal gain. Germaine knows too much
and Vincent is not about to let his pawn go in his rebel cause, even with the secret he
holds over his head.

The First Starma Omnibus is Science Fiction at its finest. To find out Germaine’s secret
and what the destiny holds for him and Anne put this book on your TBR list and get
ready for a rocket blast into a galaxy that thrills and excites beyond imagination. Mr.
Byrne sets a course where the action is hot and all the characters scorch the cosmos. A
story filled with intense drama that keeps the reader engrossed. The ending will have
you anticipating the next installment.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance