ISBN # 0-7562-1408-1
January 2006
Kensington Publishing
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
304 pages
Erotic Romance


Stevie Cavanaugh is on a stakeout attempting to catch a serial killer. The main suspect
is a male escort and she has been watching him avidly. When unexpected assistance
shows up she is not sure how to take it, but she cannot help but be attracted to the hot
detective who insists he is there to help with the case.

Jack Thornton dumped Stevie years before to train at Quantico. As a federal agent he
has the right to take over her case, but she fights him on it. While they are both
investigating the most likely perpetrator, Thorn does his best to get back into the good
graces of the one woman he has never been able to forget.

This is a terrific tale of love, lust, and murder. The sensual tension between the two main
characters blazes high and hot almost immediately. Stevie and Thorn are absolutely
perfect for each other. The plot is so full of mystery and suspense that it is sure to keep
many readers just as enthralled as it kept me. Ms. Tabke pens a tale of delicious
intrigue that is thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I recommend this story to
anyone who enjoys murder mysteries and detective stories.


Lisa Delaney has a collection of classic cars left to her by her wealthy deceased
husband that need an experienced mechanic's delicate touch before she can sell them.
She calls the one man she knows can tune a car like nobody's business, Tyce, a man
she had a crush on as a teenager. Lisa has always wanted Tyce but not acted on that
desire. She is determined to do so now.

Tyce Branton can make an engine, and a woman's body, sing like a bird. When he is
hired to get a dead rich man's cars ready to sell, the last thing he expects to find is the
woman he grew up with - who sets his libido on fire. He wants Lisa and decides to take
what she offers while he can.

I enjoyed this story of a second chance at love. The sex scenes are hotter than
firecrackers on the fourth of July and left me fanning myself. Lisa and Tyce are
fascinating characters who obviously belong together. The story is easily believable and
moves at a pace that is befitting to the storyline. Ms. Edwards pens a tantalizing tale of
a reunion between two soul mates that kept my eyes riveted to the pages. I recommend
this story to anyone who likes contemporary tales with hot and sexy alpha heroes.


As an NYPD police officer Lily Huang has a dangerous job, but that does not keep her
from trying to put away as many criminals as she can. When things go wrong while she
is trying to crack a smuggling ring, she does not know how she is going to extract
herself from the untenable situation. An unusual man comes to her rescue and then the
fun really begins.

Wes Penzatti has been in many undercover operations. While he is posing as a mafia
member in order to infiltrate a smuggling operation, things go terribly wrong. Coping
with what happens after that is not easy but, with Lily's help, he manages admirably.

Lily and Wes are terrific characters that I enjoyed reading about. The sensual tension
between them fairly explodes from the pages. The sex scenes are hotter than a
five-alarm fire and left me searching for ice water. Sunny has a way with words that
really draws the reader into her story. I recommend this tantalizing tale to anyone who
enjoys stories of police officers and dangerous situations.

This awesome anthology is one of the first releases from Kensington's new erotic
romance line entitled Aphrodisisa. If this book is indicative of what is to come then I will
be avidly watching for more Aphrodisia books. All three authors do a wonderful job of
presenting tales that are sure to give readers many hours of reading pleasure. The Hard
Stuff is a terrific book that I recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary anthologies
with the extra kick of hot sex and even hotter men. More please!

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance