ISBN: 1-59088-445-0
April/May 2005
Wings Press, Inc.
Price $6.00
299 Pages
Historical Romance

Molly is a widow with three stepchildren.  All she wants is to keep her land, build a
house, have some farm animals, and a garden.  When a mysterious stranger shows up,
she fears he has come to take the rocks she was going to use for her home.  She never
imagined that he would steal her heart.

Trace is a man who has lost his family.  He witnessed his parents being killed and
seeks their killer.  He has no intentions of settling down with any ready made family.  
From the first day they meet, he is drawn into the family as things begin to happen
where he finds himself needed.  It is a challenge to him, since he wants to be a loner.  
What he never expected was to fall in love with Molly and three adorable children that
melt his heart in so many ways.

This was a great book read.  Ms. Kelso made her characters so believable and brought
them to life on paper.  When Trace returned from finding a horse and Molly wondered if
she should run to greet him or keep her dignity in tact, I was on the edge of my seat.  It
was really good reading a story with heart.

Ms. Kelso has written a wonderful story filled with love, romance, tenderness and the
true meaning of how a family should keep that closeness in tact throughout any obstacle.
 She gives her characters emotions and feelings that stir the heart and make you want
to read more.  The Homesteader is a page turner that is hard to put down and I look
forward to reading more of her books.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance