ISBN: 1-59088-391-8
August 2005
Wings ePress
$ 6.00/$12.95
360 Pages
Romantic Suspense

Mike Carlton considers working as a bodyguard a necessary evil, as it pays the bills.
Yet when Gwyneth waltzes into his office, he quickly changes his mind. He could guard
her all night if necessary. The blond-haired beauty not only has good looks, but brains as
well. Once that pretty mouth opens to speak, they begin butting heads. Mike does care,
but at this point all he can do is follow her and hope he can make her see he is the guy
for her.  

After Gwyneth Wells finds herself being stalked, she hires a private investigator. She
had no idea she would find someone to butt heads with. Someone who would practically
stand up to her no matter what she threw back at them. When she fires him for kissing
her, he marches right after her and continues the case. The more she puts her foot
down, the firmer he stands his ground. He is one shrewd detective who eyes her as if
she is his lunch. The more he watches her, the more she begins to like him. But will the
stalker attack her before she can confess her real feelings to Mike?

I loved the challenging banter between the two lovers. Mike reminds me of a laid back
Magnum, P.I. because he is cool, with incredible charm. I love how he comes to
Gwyneth’s aid. I could just picture him interrogating the characters in the story. When
Gwyneth has to spend a night in jail, I could feel her trepidation in that cell.

This is a top-notch book with a great story line. An absolute must read! It is fast and
witty, and the pace never slows down. Ms. Ryan has written a great romantic suspense
novel. The Man for the Job was a book that I could not put down! After you finish the last
page, you will be eagerly searching for another book by Marie-Nicole Ryan. Her works
are truly an art!

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance