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ISBN # 0-7599-2665-4/978-1-77145-059-1
May 2005/September 2012
Hard Shell Factory/Books We Love, Ltd
108 Pages
Young Adult/Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

When Rebecca's mother remarries, Rebecca is not sure if she can live in the same house with her new step-brother, Pres. She is secretly in love with him. Now that they will be closer, how can she keep her feelings from being so transparent? Pres is the perfect guy. Her best friend Celeste, tells her there is no such thing as a perfect guy. When another boy steps into the picture, will Rebecca see that sometimes what we think we want in perfection is someone else standing right in front of us?

Josh would like to get to know Rebecca more than just as a sister, but how can that happen when she is in love with Pres? When he helps Rebecca with her school play, he hopes he can make her see that he really cares about her.  Will Rebecca open her eyes to truth or continue to live in a fantasy world?

I really enjoyed this book. This story shares everything, from learning to accept living with new parents, to the joys and disasters of falling in love to having your heart broken. It shows sometimes what we want is really not what is standing in front of us. A coming of age story that will be loved not only by the young adult but all generations.

Tears misted in my eyes when Pres and Rebecca shared their last talk before she went to speak to Celeste and Josh. It was such an emotional touching scene allowing both of them to really see inside their new family. This book allowed you to feel the emotion that was springing in Rebecca all throughout the book. It is definitely a keeper, and Ms. Herrick is a most gifted writer. I look forward to reading more of her works.

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