ISBN: 0-446-69698-6
September 1, 2005
Time Warner Book Club
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$19.95 U.S. /$26.95 Canada
680 pages
Non-Fiction/Online Shopping Informative

Hold onto your laptops and get to cracking on those keys. Want to save wear and tear
on your poor tired feet? Then look no further, the solution for shopping can be found in
The Purple Book. No more Google search trying to find that one particular item. The
Purple Book offers insights of many consumers where the list is endless. These are
first-rate sites that will have you spending many hours clicking away in the privacy of
your home. No more rushing to beat the crowds or never finding an empty parking
space, this book offers a great customer service.

The Purple Book is a great asset to the online shopper. It saves time and gas spent
traveling around and allows the customer to enjoy shopping in their pajamas. It provides
many websites for anyone with the widest of variety in their life. Not only that, it is
catalogued according to the group and uses collective symbols and section icons
displaying the product on that site. It is so informative with all the different websites; the
only thing a person might lose in searching this book is sleep or track of time.

The creator of The Purple Book is brilliant. At first I was a bit skeptical when I started
searching the book because I thought that some of the places might be misleading but
on the contrary I found the selections completely accurate and unambiguous. The
symbols help by indicating a range in the price point and shipping costs, a nice plus. I
was surprised when I even stumbled across a website just for wheelchair and aids for
arthritis. This book is a complete wizard.

The Purple Book contained a variety of sites that I knew nothing about but can benefit a
shopper greatly during the congested holiday season. I found the whole book
user-friendly and a great addition to the home. I think it deserves a 5-cup rating. Ms.
Mendelsohn is to be highly recommended. She has instilled much research and many
hours into the creativity of this outstanding book.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance