ISBN# 1-4199-0291-1
September 2005
Cerridwen Press
Pages: Unavailable
Paranormal (Some violence, references to rape—both male/male and female to male)

Mira is the Tarsheen, ruler of the societies now controlled by women. Men are used as
slaves for reproductive reasons and little more than that. When a strange twist of events
leads her to a slave auction, she ends up in a bidding war with a fellow rival. Becoming
a rather reluctant owner of a new slave named Robert.

Robert, labeled a Rememberer, has been a slave nearly all his life. He has been
tortured and moved frequently. Suddenly finding himself purchased by the Tarsheen,
Robert feels a connection to her. Can he show her the other side of being a slave, a
male? Make her see that they wish to be free to love and live without torture or

Together Robert and Mira go through obstacles greater than the both of them. In order
to survive the danger they must face the harsh realities that are before them forging a
love between them along the way. Can their love conquer a vile betrayal from a close
friend? Can they separately survive the dangers to keep that love alive?

Ms. Stewart's powerful tale was intriguing, always a surprise around the next corner. The
characters came to life with vivid details and spun the tale themselves. It kept me on the
edge of my seat the whole time. To actually feel a part of the story is a plus in my book
and Ms. Stewart does that on the first page so slyly that you barely notice your mind
leaving your body.

Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance