ISBN# 1-58608-632-4
September 2005
New Concepts Publishing
162 pages
Futuristic Romance

Prince Reid, Commander of the Outpost, loves to live the single life. He loves women
and they love him. He is a charmer and gets what he wants. That is until he meets
Jasmine St. Claire. She is a woman who will not be charmed.

Jasmine St. Claire appears to have it all together. Married to a successful doctor, she
lives a lavish lifestyle. However it is a front. She desperately needs to get away from that
life, but who can she trust to help her?

Reid finds himself protecting Jasmine as she is found as a stowaway on board their
ship. Finding himself falling for her and feeling that she does not want him only
intensifies his feelings. Jasmine finds herself being able to trust Reid enough to tell him
her circumstance. She also has strange feelings that keep happening when she is
around him. These feelings she believes are just from her sickness she had had her
whole life. Together they make the perfect couple balancing new romance and
insecurities that all couples face. The more they learn about each other the deeper they
fall for each other.

I must say this was an excellent read. I laughed, I cried, I could not wait to see what was
happening next. Ms. Pillow's story keeps me eager to read more till the end of the book.
I was actually disappointed it had to end. Each character has their own dominating
personality that makes each one stand out and shine. They interacted so well together, I
found myself liking more than just Reid and Jasmine. Ms. Pillow: congratulations on a
stellar book!

Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance