ISBN # Unavailable
November 2005
Silks Vault Publishing
301 Pages
Paranormal/Fantasy/Fairy Tale

Meg Riley lost her husband eight years ago, and struggles as a single working mother
raising her two children. She recalls an imaginary dreamland, but was it real or make-
believe? Yet her nightmares somehow express Dreamland is real. But what about Luk,
who made hopes and dreams a reality? Does he still await her? Her argumentative aunt
pressures her to pursue her dreams and write. When Luk enters her life, she is
challenged with talking trees, nightmares, fairies, and a magical dragon ride.

Lukoe O’Rourke has the pleasurable task of being a sandman. He takes kids to
dreamland for incredible adventures in a place fashioned by dreamers. Of course, it
does have its setbacks, and Luk is faced with a depressing realism that he is being
forgotten. Even dearest Meg, who filled an empty void in his life, is gone. If no one
believes in him, is he real? Can he find Meg and bring her back? Or is he destined to
live in the dark always?

The Sandman is a magical story that just might have you believing that dreams can
come true. This reader found it a thrill to accompany Meg and Luk on an intense
excursion. They uncovered what they needed to survive while falling in love all over
again as their passion fanned the pages. You can practically feel the escape as the
journey spins around you with the lush scenery and magical moments. Even when Luk
stands before the Elders, and both characters feel the powerful ache in their hearts to
be separated, the author makes it all believable.    

Ms. Belleville takes the reader on a magical journey that is captivating. The Sandman is
a most delightful read. Frankie Belleville pens a story that touches the heart and makes
the reader feel forever young again.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance