ISBN: 1-58608-323-6
February 2005
New Concepts Publishing
116 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Bella is a sexy young woman who loves to spend money. She loves getting anything her
heart desires. That is until it comes to John Breten Lawless, a man she loves to
aggravate beyond measure and would love to see what he has functioning below his
belt. When her deceased grandfather leaves a stipulation that she must marry John and
stay with him for six months or lose everything, she is fit to be tied.

John has been assigned to watch over Bella, making sure to keep her out of trouble. He
is ecstatic when she turns twenty-one. Now he can go his separate way. His happiness
is short lived when he discovers the twist her deceased grandfather left in his will. A
marriage of convenience between the two or Bella loses everything. Will he never be
free of the woman? So what if it is only for six months? It might as well be six million
years in complete torture with her!

From page one, this book is fast sailing all the way to the end. I loved the part about the
marriage, and when it was over there was a storm flashing an omen. I love the
characters of John and Bella! I could not wait to see what their next antics would be as
they discovered new secrets about the other. When she was in harm’s way and John
took off after her, I could practically feel both of their adrenaline rushing.

Ms. Womack has written a highly charged book that draws you in from the first page to
the last. An adrenaline rush all the way. This book sizzles in every page. I could not put it
down. The antics and banter between the two characters is truly believable. An absolute
pleasure to read!

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance