ISBN: # 0-446-61444-0
November 2005
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
432 Pages
Historical Romance

Lady Eleanor would love to have romance and love, but unfortunately she has learned
she is only desirable for her fortune. The Laird of Kinfairlie’s sisters approach Eleanor
and ask her to marry their brother, Alexander. She knows if she agrees to this it will save
her from danger. But can she give her heart completely to Alexander to trust him for her

Alexander helped his sisters find husbands and happiness. Now they seek to do the
same for him. When he weds Eleanor, he has no idea she is key to a fortune that could
ensure the future of everything he holds dear. Alexander is more concerned in courting
her smile than her obedience. Can he help her to trust him before it is too late for her, for
him, and for Kinfairlie?

When Alexander told Eleanor he had need of his lady’s healing caresses, I was deeply
touched. When they entered the bailey and the horses stamped and snorted, I cheered
when Eleanor said she loved Alexander. I sighed when she said she only had eyes for
him. It was like reading a wonderful fairytale of the two together. I loved the way
Alexander was determined to remedy Eleanor’s fear of steeds.

Ms. Delacroix has written a wonderful tale of love and romance. This was a very
entertaining book that I could not put down. Eleanor and Alexander make a perfect pair.
I could practically see the way their eyes met and whenever he brushed up against
her…well I could picture everything just as if Ms. Delacroix had allowed the characters to
jump from the pages. This is a book worth reading again and again. Do not let this book
slip from your hands. Gripping, delightfully entertaining, and truly priceless. Readers will
not be disappointed.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance