ISBN: 1-933417-58-7
August 2005
Paperback /E-book
$13.75/ $6.00
228 pages
Urban Fantasy

Justin Delgado escaped Sigma, a black-ops government agency that taught him to kill.
He joined the Society to help to bring down Simga. He is one of their best operatives,
knowing the insides of Sigma better than anyone.  Yet he is feared by his teammates,
lives in a world of anger, all while being hunted by the government. That all changes
when he meets Rowan.

Rowan Price is one of the most powerful psychics the Society has seen; she has
powers that are so great she can heal some and outright cause a riot. No one knows
truly how powerful her gifts are. Sigma wants her more than anything. Justin is
commanded to bring her in and keep her safe. But can he?

Being Rowan's mentor and training her in ways to defend and protect herself and others
is Justin's main objective, but he begins to fall in love with her. With very few people she
can trust, Rowan feels safe with Justin. Finally feeling as though she fits in somewhere.
In the middle of all the excitement, she finds herself falling for Justin. Learning quickly
after a bit of resistance, she excels in training, yet there is still something about a certain
doctor that makes her uneasy.

This is a great read. To think that something like this story could likely exist today is a
mind blowing concept.  Ms. Saintcrow paints a story of modern day suburbia with a
governmental dark secret. Her characters each have their own quirky traits to make
them stand out in this story. My only sadness is that the story is a cliffhanger.  I know I
cannot want to read the sequel.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance