ISBN # 1-59632-142-3
August 2005
Loose Id
149 pages
Paranormal; Vampire

As a Scientist, Angela Heissman spends a lot of time in her lab working on a project
that will, hopefully, help cure anemia. When a sexy man appears offering her a chance at
a choice position in the conglomerate he works for, she is amazed. Her boss has
always taken credit for her work, so for her to even be considered for such a job stuns
her. The more she gets to know Stephen, the more her desire for him grows - until she
finds her life totally changed by him.

Stephen Westlake is the new Regulator for the Society. It is his job to make sure that
people and vampires who work for the Society are doing their jobs appropriately. When
the Archimedes, the head scientist working for the Society, proves to be corrupt;
Stephen must remove the man and assist in hiring a new person for the job. As he
checks out the candidates for the position, Stephen is surprised to discover an extreme
attraction to one of them. While he is attempting to get to know Angela, he must also
deal with creeps who are after the serum she has developed.

Angela and Stephen are terrific characters who really captured my imagination. Their
relationship progresses at a realistic pace. The sensual tension between them crackles
like a livewire. The love scenes are so hot and steamy they left me needing a whole
pitcher of ice water. The secondary characters are well developed and add a lot of zip
to the story. Angela's boss, Pendergrass, a/k/a Fenderass, is such a pompous idiot that
I wanted to kick him in the pants. The vampire leader, Shiye Moonshadow is so sexy
and intriguing that I hope he is the hero of a future book in this outstanding vampire
series. The setting is appropriately described and enhances the storyline nicely. The
plot is full of suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Ms. Bryce is a gifted author with a creative imagination. I hope we get to see more of
the Society and it's magnificent men in future books. I recommend this sensational story
to anyone who enjoys reading about love with a vampire. The Society 1: Regulating
Archimedes is a great book. More Society books please.

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance