ISBN: 1-933548-12-6 (e-book)
ISBN: 1-933548-13-4 (print)
September 2005
All Romance Books
$6.99 /$12.99
206 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Millicent Munger takes her job seriously as a Wedding Planner. When an old friend
visits and acquires her services for his daughter, she finds it odd the way his daughter,
Alicia, shows no interest in the wedding. There is something going on that does not
meet the eye.

Charlie Davenport lost his beloved wife and only has his daughter now. He wishes
Millicent to be the wedding planner for Alicia’s upcoming wedding but he finds himself
drawn to Millicent in more ways than one.

Alicia is about to marry a man she does not love. She loves David, but she has to marry
William to protect her father. Will she really enter into a loveless marriage? David is
Millicent’s nephew. When he meets Alicia he falls in love with her. Can he keep her from
marrying the wrong man?

The Wedding Planner is an enjoyable story that holds your attention until the end. It spins
a tale of a family revolving around secrets, lies, and more chaos when they enlist
Millicent’s services. The touching scene when Millicent stayed by Charlie’s side while he
was in the hospital was a memorable moment. The well-rounded characters and flowing
dialogue draw you into a story that appears so life-like. I cheered when Charlie said if
having a heart attack would have gotten Millicent into his bed; he would have had it

Ms. Powell does a great job in weaving a story of a family torn apart while struggling to
find togetherness. Her words drew me in and kept me captivated until the conclusion. I
really enjoyed the part about the Buckhead/Atlanta area. I could almost envision the
location and take in all the beautiful scenery. This is a feel-good story that warms the
heart; this reader really enjoyed it. Ms. Powell’s flare for writing truly stands out in this
book. The ending will leave you toasty all over.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance