ISBN# 1-59279-492-0
Amber Quill Press
293 pages    
Historical Romance

Grace Marshall longs to escape from the endless drudgery of her life. The eldest of an
improvident farmer's large brood of children, it seems that she will be stuck where she is
forever. Until the day a cowboy stops at the farm looking for payment for a cow.

Jake Tanner does not intend to remarry, but he and his brother do need a housekeeper
to take care of their home and children. Grace looks like just the solution to his
problems, and she is plain enough that neither of them will be tempted.  

Grace’s mother agrees to let her go, but has one stipulation; Jake must marry Grace.
He agrees to a marriage in name only, but when Grace smiles and laughs, she is
definitely not plain. Jake brings his new wife home to his needy family. Grace takes
them all in hand, including his physically and emotionally crippled brother, AJ. Jake and
Grace quickly fall in love, in spite of Jake’s chronically unruly mouth, but trouble arrives in
the form of Jake’s supposedly deceased wife, Laurette, and an unknown assailant who
is targeting both AJ and Jake.

This is an entertaining, if slightly melodramatic tale. Grace seems to have no end of bad
luck, and is homely and clumsy to boot. It seems that all she needs is confidence and
new clothes for her beauty to emerge, but her clumsiness provides comic relief. The
other characters really flesh out the tale and are almost as vividly drawn as Jake and
Grace. The subplot involving Jake’s brother is also an asset to the story.

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