Wings e-Press
441 pages
Fantasy, Romance

Marela has suffered a terrible loss with her father's passing. Deciding to leave her home
where she feels to be an outcast, and believing everyone she loves will suffer; she
travels with a group of others trying to cross the Scar. Waking one morning she finds
herself alone again and she manages to escape the Scar and is taken in by AErin.
Agreeing to a simple marriage of companionship between them - will her feelings get in
the way? What secrets does she hide from AErin?

AErin, a wizard who has lost his first wife years before, seems to be still sporting a
saddened heart. When he takes in Marela and finds he enjoys her company, he offers
her protection, friendship, and marriage. After they marry can he hope to be happy with
Marela as he once was with his first wife? What is he to do when she is kidnapped?

Both AErin and Marela have to deal with issues from their pasts as well as in the
present time. When AErin proposes, Marela accepts with the knowledge that love is not
the reason for their marriage; but as they grow closer to one another can they each tell
the other their true feelings? Can this feeling fill both their hearts? And can they survive
the obstacles thrown in their path?

This story is a wonderful fantasy. Ms. Gauger's writings take you back to a place in time
we all hope existed. Wizardry, dragons, knights in shiny armor, damsels in distress, and
the whole kingdom at your fingertips. Not to mention a blossoming romance rolled in the
mix. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it for a quick mind vacation. I look
forward to reading more of Ms.Gauger’s works.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance