ISBN: 1-4199-0323-3
October 2005
Cerridwen Press
196 pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit

Ali MacPherson is a self-made businesswoman who loves life. She has a feature in her
boutique that reads, ‘to hell with men.’ It promises to make women feel good about
themselves, especially the teenagers who would like to dress to make their dates go
sightless. She decides to give up dating when her last date is a failure, but that was
before she set her eyes on Jordan.

Jordan Finch is a divorced father struggling to raise a teenage daughter and stay afloat
in his architectural firm. With all the events in his life, he has no time to date. That was
before he met Ali at a party. She is the sexiest woman he has every seen. Can he begin
a relationship with this outrageous woman while keeping custody of his teenager
daughter and holding on to his job priorities?

The World According to Ali was a book that I absolutely enjoyed. The storyline was an
easy read. The character of Jordan is likeable as the loving father who seeks to protect
his teenage daughter. Ali’s character was great in the way she thinks teenagers should
enjoy their moment. It was good how the author gave them issues to discuss over the
teenage daughter and custody issues. The way she instilled Ali, her mother, and their
issues made this story remarkable.

Ms. Gray has a way with words that give her characters depth and makes the reader
want to read more of her work. Her words spoke with clarity through this story. She did
an excellent job writing about the bonding of the father and daughter. This reader thinks
that this is an exceptional story that makes some valid points about life. This story
sizzles with family issues that really deliver. Sometimes when we build a moat around
us, we occasionally have to release the bridge. Ms. Gray did exactly that in this
incredible read.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance