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ISBN- 10: 0-974-5486-2-3/ 13: 978-0974-5486-2-3
April 2009
Saphari Books
Trade paperback
180 pages
Chick Lit
Rating: 3 cups

Shaeyla Andrews is a busy woman. She is planning a double wedding for two of her best friends, Diandra and Kendra. These two women have very different ideas of what they want for each wedding and Shaeyla would prefer it if they each had a separate wedding. On top of all that, she is having a slight crisis of her own. Shaeyla has been hurt by Mitchell Steele. Because of that relationship she is having a hard time trusting her feelings for Solomon Jackson, her new love.

Benet is attempting to start her life over. Her marriage to a good man has fallen apart because she had an affair and got pregnant by a professor at her college. She loves her husband, but he has made it clear he does not want her back. She also is in love with Christian Kane, the man whose baby she lost.

This is a story about girlfriends who are as close as sisters; women who are supportive of each other through all of the bad stuff in life. And these women have some drama happening. Two of them, Diandra and Kendra, are planning weddings. One, Worthy, is overcoming a crack addiction, Benet is trying to heal her family and herself and Shaelya is attempting to sort out her feelings for the two men in her life.

This is a sequel to the book, The Party. These are five women who are really messed up, but they have each other to help them through. Every one of these women is going through a crisis. It is a bit unrealistic as well as unbelievable to me. The only character I find relatable is Kendra. She is a basically happy person who has her life together. Ms. Harris writes a fine story, but there is just too much drama for me.

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