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ISBN# (10) 0-7582-1061-2 and (13) 978-07582-1061-6
February 2007
Brava (Kensington Publishing Corp)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$ $14.00 U.S./$17.50 Canada
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mason Caldwell has always felt isolated and lonely. When she lost her mother she decided after five years of grieving, to taker her modest inheritance and head to Paris in hopes of finding some way to overcome her pain and despair.

Lisette Ladoux met Mason shortly after she arrived in Paris and they became the closest of friends. There is nothing they would not do for the other.

Richard Garrett, an art expert, has been asked to go to Paris and check on the Caldwell paintings and the phenomenon that surrounds them. For some reason he feels that Amy does not seem to show much loss for her sister Mason and he intends to learn why.

Paris was the city that Mason was certain would be a place for her paintings, a fabulous city that appreciated art for what it actually was and offered its artists freedom and support. It would be here where she could start over. Unfortunately, some of the best critics still find her paintings a bit revolting until she decides to counteract. She is thankful to have Lisette in her life. After Mason decides to fake her death, to try to get her paintings to sell she hurriedly runs to Lisette so she will not be worried. Lisette does not understand since she was the one that had to identify Mason’s distorted body but Mason quickly informs that it was the woman that she had jumped into the deep waters to save that had drowned. Lisette is more than thrilled to see her friend. There is only one problem, the paintings cannot be shown to sell if Mason is dead so devising a plan Mason decides to make-up a sister. So Mason becomes Amy. Richard meets Mason at the showing and is intrigued with the paintings. Mason introduces herself as Amy, the sister of Mason, fabricating a story to the man. Richard informs that she could sell the paintings for much more because if one buyer is certain to pay so much for his gallery, then another buyer will even pay more. Mason is even more surprised with Richard. As stories begin to weave, stirring more trouble with Mason than it is worth, she knows she must confess the real truth about her life, and with each day she feels more drawn to Richard like a puppet to its maker, she is unaware he will stop at nothing to get the truth.

The Art of Seduction stirs with believable characters, soothing romance and non-stop action that practically spellbinds the reader. Mason and Richard play against each other brilliantly in this cat and mouse caper that really makes this read exhilarating. Ms. O’Neal pens a story that is not only entertaining but the reader feels as if they have stepped into the beautiful city of lights and walked the cobblestone streets of Paris while meeting each of the fascinating characters. Lies, deception, passion and spirited characters make this a superb satisfying read.

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